A single customer view is the one view to
rule them all

0222_Power_SCV_Video-1Rachael Kotadia, Head of Marketing, goes into detail explaining the power of a single customer view and how this delivers a flawless customer experience through personalisation. By watching this video you will learn about:

   ⭕ What is a single customer view?

   ⭕ The core benefits

   ⭕ How a SCV delivers customer insights and behaviour to the marketer in an easy to digest format

   ⭕ How to personalise your communications using the power of the SCV

   ⭕ How a single customer view is the prerequite to delivering individualisation


The real world power of a single customer view

Chris Wilde, Campaign Development Special0222_Real_World_SCV_Videoist, talks you through three real world examples of how a single customer view can be used to achieve all of the following:

   ⭕ Improve your retention rates

   ⭕ Gain more value from your database

   ⭕ Enables you to achieve digital transformation at pace

   ⭕ Supports rapid online growth

   ⭕ Deliver high quality personalisation across multi-channel campaigns


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