To achieve growth in your industry and gain triumph over your competitors, you need to stand out… and keep standing out!

But when was the last time you truly reviewed your marketing strategy and business position - and proactively prepared for the future?

We know that can seem hard with the ongoing cost of living crisis, ever increasing customer expectations, digital growth getting stronger and your competitors simply a click away.

But brands need to be thinking one step ahead, in order to see a future that is filled with an ever-growing pool of happy, loyal and profitable customers.

At RedEye our aim to help marketers, and the brands they work for, be the most successful they can be, which is why in our latest webinar we have teamed up with renowned Business Competitiveness Expert, Andy Hanselman to provide some practical tools, techniques and insights which can help you stand out and be prepared for the future.  

Andy will share his proven model of ‘Thinking in 3D’ that shows those businesses that take a ‘Dramatically, and Demonstrably Different’ approach to differentiating themselves are the ones that win.

We will discuss these key themes...

  • Making your marketing work - The common challenges you face now, and in the future
  • Establishing your ‘Dramatic Difference’ - What exactly is yours?
  • What do your customers actually think and want - How do you know and how can you find out?
  • How 3D Businesses ‘Break The Rules’And how you can too!
  • 'Demonstrating’ Your ‘Dramatic Difference’ - Proven frameworks to help with differentiation

Key information

Date: Wednesday 2nd November 📅

Duration: 60 minutes ⌚

Time: 12:00pm-13:00pm 🕛


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Rachael Kotadia, Marketing Director (RedEye)



Andy Hanselman, Business Competitiveness Expert