We invited three digital marketers, who are at various stages of their careers, to Room 101 to discuss the terms, tactics and buzzwords from our Marketing Buzz Barometer they either love or hate.

Andrew Stockwell, Chief Commercial Officer at RedEye, is the host, firing off a series of questions to our guest marketers and probes them on their choices by seeking examples from their careers to date.


Carla Simmons, Marketing Manager

Find out why Carla wants to banish personalisation to our Marketing Room 101


Adam Symes, Group Head of CRM

Will Adam love or hate the term touchpoints?


Andrew Mann, Managing Partner and a previous retail leader at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Co-op, ASDA and Marks & Spencer

What does Andrew think will be trending in the next seven to ten years?

Find out the answers to these and much more when our interview panel explain their reasoning for their respected marketing terms and the ones they'd like to never hear again!

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